Black Lightweight Aluminium (3354)

Cue Case for 3/4 Snooker cue, English Pool cue or American Pool cue.


  • An Imported lightweight aluminium 3/4 cue case that holds 1 x 3/4 Snooker cue or Pool cue and an extension.
  • A very useful aluminium cue case that has been given the name 'lightweight', merely because it is lighter in contruction and weight in comparison to the Cue Craft made aluminium cases. (See the CCS and CCC range of cases on this website.)
  • This cue case has a two channelled foam interior with a chalk compartment.
  • The case also has 2 chromed locks and a black coloured sprung carrying handle.
  • It is 121cms in length with a profiled interior that consists of 2 compartments each measuring 115cms in length.
  • It has a chalk tray at one end that measures 3cms and holds 2 cubes of chalk.
  • Colour available: Black.