Replacement Cue Tips

Replacement Cue tips
Replacement Cue tips

Playing game after game, and frame after frame that lasts for hours can mean that you are putting your cue through a lot. With each frame, you are continually putting your cue through its paces. After a while, it's hardly a surprise that your cue starts to bear the brunt. The tip is the only part of the cue that can strike the cue ball so it is the most important part of the snooker cue. When it comes to snooker tips, you've got to find and the strength and durability that will keep your tip going match after match.

How can a tip get damaged? It all depends on how much you play the game. The more you strike a ball, the more damage you will do to the tip in the long run. You've also got to think about varying factors, especially if you need to play tactically. A slow kiss on the red won't get as much damage as an aggressive long pot borne out of frustration. It's important that you learn to keep your cue tips in working order and look after them. But when it gets to the point that you are aggressively hitting every ball, in combination with the long arduous frames, you will find that you would need to replace a cue tip much more often. Ensuring that you replace them effectively is key. Choose the wrong type of tip, and you won't have adequate ball control.

Part of the reason that we have to replace our cue tip is simple maintenance. For every snooker player, the tip is the most vital ingredient to the snooker cue. Chalking it well, setting it up for the perfect shot, and following through with the action are all as important. This means that if we play too aggressively, or don't have the same control over the ball, we will wear our tips down quicker. But it's easy to get replacement cue tips, just as long as you get the right one. If you choose the wrong type of tip, you may not get the adequate backspin on those trickier shots. When you choose a cheap cue the tips are so hard that you are not able to have any control over your action, which can cost you dearly.

Having the right cue tip is the icing on the cake of a snooker cue. You can attempt to replace the tip yourself, or you can get in contact with us to do it for you. Replacing the cue tip, when done incorrectly, can result in a hazardous snooker cue. Replacing it every so often is crucial to ensure that you have as much control over the ball as possible, as well as making sure that the cue is in proper working condition. When you play a game like snooker, which requires a lot of finesse, ensuring that you have the right tip on top of your snooker cue will give you that extra advantage so you can be sure you play to your technique.