Coutts Cues Pro Revolution Tips Lincolnshire

Coutts Cues Pro Revolution Tips Lincolnshire
Coutts Cues Pro Revolution Tips Lincolnshire

Coutts Cues are a specialist manufacturer and supplier of snooker cues and accessories. In particular, they produce the high performance Coutts Cues pro revolution tips Lincolnshire players use to improve their game. Coutts Cues pro revolution tips are the ideal choice when you next need a tip replacement.
The cue tip is the result of the evolution of the game of snooker. In the late Middle Ages, the game was played on the ground and looked rather more like crochet, in which balls are hit by a mallet. By the 1700s, this had become an indoor game, played on tables but still using a mallet, called a mace. The mace looked more like a golf club, and was used to hit the ball, a bit like a game of golf on a table. However, when the ball was up against a cushion, using the club end of the mace was not possible, so players began to take these shots using the butt end of the mace, where they would usually hold the mace, to poke the ball. By the 1800s, many players were buying maces which only had the butt end and no club end. Since the French word for tail, quite literally the back of something, is ‘queue’, these sticks became the English word “cue”.
The adoption of the cue as the type of stick revolutionised the game. Shots became more precise and the modern use of the cue was created. Cushions became bouncier, and the game became more about the angles of the shots and using the cushions. However, there was still one problem – the end of the wooden cue was too slippery. The only shot possible was a central strike on the cue ball, as any other strike would send the ball off course. Some players would reportedly try to improve this by jabbing the cue into the plaster of a nearby wall to cover it in plaster dust!
In the early 1800s, a new invention changed the game again – leather tips. With leather cue tips, the increased friction enabled players to strike the ball in different places to achieve spin and a more subtle control of the shot.
In modern snooker, the cue tip remains central to a precision game. Many players allow the tip to become squashed or overly worn, not realising how important it is. If you really want to enhance your game, you need Coutts Cues pro revolution tips. These are the best option for players, in Lincolnshire or elsewhere. With Coutts Cues pro revolution tips, Lincolnshire players at all levels will benefit from the high quality, compressed leather which gives a greater control of direction and spin.
Coutts Cues offer a full range of services, from the manufacture of bespoke, handmade cues to re tipping and accessories. They are available via the internet as well in store to local customers in Lincolnshire. For more information, including all enquiries about Coutts Cues pro revolution tips, get in contact with the team today.