Bespoke Snooker Cues

Bespoke Snooker Cues

Established in 1999, Coutts Cues is a family-run business that specialises in the manufacture of bespoke snooker cues. What makes us different from our competitors is that each of our cues is handmade. And, to the best our knowledge, we are the only business in the UK that still manufactures bespoke snooker cues using only traditional methods.


Why buy your bespoke snooker cues from Coutts Cues?


It’s no secret that bespoke snooker cues offer numerous benefits to players. For a start, it gives people the chance to own a unique snooker cue that is a one-off - perfect for those that demand exclusivity.


Another advantage of bespoke snooker cues is their investment potential. As custom cues age, their value tends to rise in time, especially if they are or were owned by notable snooker players. So, whether you are looking to get the edge on your games or just want alternative investment ideas, bespoke snooker cues are for you!


Coutts Cues have been hand-making cues for over 18 years. Headed by Dave Coutts, the primary function of the business is to handcraft bespoke snooker cues using traditional manufacturing methods.


Each cue is lovingly crafted from only the finest and high-quality ash or maple tree wood. To ensure that only the best wood is used, Dave personally inspects in detail and procures the wood himself. Doing so enables all bespoke snooker cues made by Coutts Cues to meet and exceed the strict quality assurance tests performed during each phase of the build process.


Coutts Cues has also heavily invested in the best tools to design and build each handmade cue from scratch. With that in mind, you can be assured that your unique snooker cue will not only look and feel like a premium product, but it will perform like one too.


How bespoke snooker cues are made


Dave Coutts personally manufactures each of the bespoke snooker cues by hand. The process involves selecting the highest quality ash, maple, or exotic wood from a plethora of timber yards.


Next, the wood is cut to shape via a long process of shaft and splice planing - all done by hand, of course! Each cue is then sanded down to a silk-like finish, followed by the application of a special finishing oil.


The construction of all bespoke snooker cues also takes into accounts any specific design requirements from customers. Each handmade cue takes, on average, around three years to build due to the manufacturing process being by hand. However, once completed, the results will more than exceed anyone’s expectations!

Bespoke snooker cues - only available direct from Coutts Cues


If you would like to place an order for a handmade snooker cue, you can do so directly through Coutts Cues. This is to prevent fake copies that have entered the market from ending up in the hands of unsuspecting buyers.


The only way to be 100% sure that you have an original bespoke snooker cue from Coutts Cues is by ordering directly from us.


Contact us today to find out how to place your order.