Coutts Cue Pro Revolutiontips

Coutts Cues Pro Revolution Tips

Coutts Cues Pro Revolution Tips

We are proud and excited to launch our very own Pro Revolution Tips

These tips will be sold only by shu jian Jun mu company in China who will be our exclusive dealer, This is solely becuase they have agreed to purchase all our stock as and when it becomes available and therefore all enquires for purchasing these must be made to them and not us.

Dave Coutts is Lincoln’s finest crafter of handmade snooker cues. His reputation is there for all to see, with many customers eager to wait 3 years just to get their hands on one of his bespoke snooker cues.

All of these cues are made entirely by hand which gives them a real defining quality. They feel like premium-brand snooker cues, only better. The secret to these bespoke snooker cues is ensuring that high-quality wood is used in the crafting process. As such, Dave spends many days searching for the best wood he can find. It’s this attention to detail and extra effort that makes these cues so sought after. Coutts Cues is quickly becoming the number one place for bespoke snooker cues in Lincoln, and it’s easy to see why.
Snooker Cues Made To Order
There are two main reasons these snooker cues are so popular and in such high-demand. The first reason is that they’re entirely handmade. These cues start off as trees and turn into beautiful things that are polished and primed to perfection. As we’ve already mentioned, they have the trademark handmade quality that’s impossible to replicate in common commercially made snooker cues. Put it this way, if you held one of these bespoke handmade snooker cues in one hand, and a factory-made one in the other, you’d see a world of difference.

However, the main reason for their immense popularity is that they’re bespoke. Each cue is different from the last as they’re made to order. This gives you complete freedom over what you want the finished product to look like. Dave takes all your ideas, jots them down, and then handcrafts the cue to fit your specifications. This means you can buy a snooker cue that’s tailored to you and designed for your needs and no one else’s.

As a result, you end up with something that’s unique and unrivalled in terms of performance. When you get something made for you, this means it fits your grip perfectly and is just the right size for you to handle. Consequently, you play a lot better and become way more consistent and in control of your shots.
Bespoke Snooker Cues In All Shapes And Sizes
At Coutts Cues you can order bespoke snooker cues in Lincoln that come in all shapes and sizes. We offer 1 piece snooker cues, 2 piece snooker cues, or even the highly popular ¾ snooker cues.

Different players have different preferences; some prefer their cue to be all in one piece, while others want theirs to have screwable joints. Regardless, we give you a choice to make this decision yourself when you order.
Call Now To Put A Deposit Down On Your Snooker Cue
Give us a call today, and you can come in and visit our showroom to talk to Dave about the bespoke snooker cue service. We currently require a minor deposit of £50 to be put down when you order your new cue. The full payment doesn’t have to come through until your cue is finished and in your hands.

Remember, the waiting list is very long, so get in contact today before it gets even longer!