Hand Made Snooker

Hand Made Snooker Cues Lincoln

Hand Made Snooker Cues Lincoln

Coutts Cues is proud to provide high-quality hand made snooker cues in Lincoln. We may only be a small, family run business, but we have big aspirations. We want to be recognised as the place to go if you want handmade cues that are designed specifically for each user. We’ve been doing this since 1999 and have already established a base of loyal customers who are incredibly satisfied with our craftsmanship.
Totally Hand Made Snooker Cues In Lincoln
Dave Coutts is the genius behind these phenomenal snooker cues. Each one is made entirely by hand, giving them a totally unique look and feel. When you purchase one of these cues, you’re getting something that no one else on planet earth will have. It’s made to order, which means the design is entirely based on your desires. The length and thickness are up to you, the patterns on the cue are yours to choose; it all comes down to you!

Dave has spent years building a very strong reputation in this field and is considered to be one of the top craftsmen and cue makers around. So much so that there’s currently a lengthy waiting period for one of his handmade snooker cues.

To show you how popular this service is, the waiting time for a made-to-order snooker cue is currently at 3 years! However, you can still purchase a variety of handmade snooker cues from Dave.
Premier & Platinum Cues
Coutts Cues currently stocks a collection of both Premier and Platinum cues that are available to buy. These cues are still handmade, but no alterations will be made to them. You can place an order and then collect it from the showroom. Unfortunately, we don’t offer delivery on these cues as they have a special price to make them collection-only.

The best thing to do is arrange an appointment to come in and take a look at all of our stock. This will give you the chance to view all the cues and find one that suits your needs best.
Benefits Of Our Hand Made Snooker Cues
The major advantage of hand made snooker cues is that they offer unrivalled quality compared to ones that are machine-made in factories. The attention to detail on each cue is astonishing; everything is trimmed, shaved, and polished perfectly. You can feel the difference in quality in your hands when you hold it, and this translates to your game as well. Handmade cues give you more control and feel for the cue ball, allowing you to express yourself on the snooker table.
Call Today To Visit Our Showroom
If you’re interested in any of our hand made snooker cues, then give Coutts Cues a call today. We can organise a time for you to visit the showroom and place an order for a handmade cue or pick up a Premium/Platinum one. Please note that we currently require a small £50 deposit on all orders to secure the cue for you. When your order is complete, you will then pay the full price if you’re satisfied with the product.