Change To Handmade Range

To avoid confusion, in the near future there will be only 3 models of handmade cues all done by Dave Coutts


Supreme - Top of the range handmade cue. The shaft is laminated with walnut and maple to give perfect arrows, this cue has been copied by various makers but never superseded

Handmade cue - These cues are totally hand made by Dave himself, from choosing the Ash or Maple and all exotic timbers from various timber yards, to hand planing the shafts and various splicings. The cues are then hand sanded to a silky smooth finish then a special oil finish is applied. There is a very limited amount of these cues made each year due to the amount of work involved to make a cue to this standard by hand

Thee Old England - These cues are the same as handmade by Dave Coutts but not the uniform ash.  These shafts are good playing shafts but the arrows may be wavy or have a boat in the grain, like the old cues like Burwat Champion, Eureka and JP Mannock

All handmade cues will have pictures taken at different stages including one of the whole shaft, one before any splicing work and when the cue is finished the pictures will be uploaded onto the website with all specifications.