Repairs And Alterations

Repairs and alterations
Repairs and alterations


service cost  
Ferrule and tip replacement same size(elk master tip) £25  
Weight adjustment, from £40  
Leather pad on butt £15  
Straightening of cue,(at owners risk) from £20  
Re taper shaft £60  
Strip down and refinish £60  
Joints, from £50  
Extending extension to fit quick release joint £37  
Mini Butt ebony £40  
SD Joint in butt £20  
Name plate, from £35  
shorten cue from £40  
Re grain shaft £45  
Re taper butt £80  
Re taper whole cue £90  
Re taper shaft and smaller ferrule £80  
Re taper whole cue and smaller ferrule £100  
3/4 joints fitted from £50  
Lengthen cue from  £80  
Olive wood mini butt £35