Pool Cues Lincoln

Pool Cues Lincoln

Pool cues are designed to be heavier at the grip to allow players to drive the balls into the pockets - or at least in the intended direction. Pool cues are also slightly more flexible than snooker cues. While you might manage a game of pool with a snooker cue, you probably won’t do as well as you could!

Coutts Cues is the place to go for pool cues in Lincoln. We offer a wide range of handmade cues designed to perfect your game and give you just the right balance of weight. Coutts Cues also offers handmade cues designed just for you.
Handmade Pool Cues Lincoln
The best pool cue is the pool cue that is made specifically for you. You can choose the wood or woods you use, which means that you can create the exact balance and look you are after. For example, many pool cues use lighter ash to create the tip of the cue and then a dark ebony to create a slightly heavier grip.

Dave makes each pool cue by hand, and you can see lots of examples of his work on our website. This is a good idea if you aren’t quite sure what you are looking for and need some inspiration!
1 Piece Pool Cues
1 piece pool cues are often favoured by players because there are no joins. A 1 piece cue is made using a single piece of wood which is shaped and oiled to create the perfect taper and weighting.

The main downside of 1 piece cues is that they are difficult to transport. 1 piece cues are unlikely to fit in most car boots and can be awkward to walk with!
2 Piece Pool Cues
2 piece pool cues are, unsurprisingly, made with 2 pieces joined in the middle. Common combinations include ash and ebony which creates a gorgeous looking cue as well as a good balance between the tip and the grip.

As you have probably guessed, 2 piece pool cues are much easier to transport as they can be dismantled to fit into smaller carry cases.
Choosing the Right Pool Cue
Pool cues can range widely in cost and Coutts Cues stocks cues that range up to over £800. Obviously, this is a lot of money for someone who is just started to perfect their game but passionate players may wish to spend more to get the most out of each game they play.

It is important to note, though, that the best pool cue for you isn’t necessarily the most expensive one. Since everyone has their own way of playing, you may find that a cheaper model is better for your game.

Having a pool cue that is made for you in particular is always an amazing opportunity. This way you can choose the wood or woods you would like to use to create the perfect weight and balance for your play. Coutts Cues makes individual pool cues for their clients, designed with your budget and needs in mind.