Snooker Accessories Lincoln

Snooker Accessories Lincoln

When you want to play a near-professional game of snooker, you have to have the right snooker accessories. You need gloves to ensure that no fingerprints are left on the balls, you need oil to ensure that your cue doesn’t dry out and you need chalk to provide the necessary friction that perfects each and every shot.

Where can you get all these things?

Right here at Coutts Cues.
Snooker Accessories in Lincoln
Coutts Cues is a small family business dedicated to making handmade cues perfectly suited to their customers’ love of snooker. But the company also supplies essential snooker accessories to make sure that every aspect of the game is just right.

From taking good care of the cue to bi bridge rest aids, Coutts Cues is the place to be.
Cue Care Accessories
To give your cue a long life, you must take care of it. Oils are the best way to ensure that the wood doesn’t dry out and the cue is comfortable to hold and use. Coutts Cues’ customers have often asked which oils are the best and many requested the oil Dave uses when he crafts each cue. This very special recipe is now available on the website and each bottle will last a number of years too.

Coutts Cues also offers a cue towel for wiping down your cue during and at the end of each game of snooker. Plus, you can now protect your cue case and make it far easier to carry with a snooker case protector, which comes with a shoulder strap and a lockable zip.
Chalk Accessories
Possibly the most important ingredient for the perfect shot, every player needs chalk to ensure that the tip of their cue has the right level of friction. Coutts Cues offers a couple of chalk options but also has chalk cases and holders available - just what you need to avoid covering your pockets with chalk!

Chalk accessories include a magnetic chalk holder and a magnetic chalk fob. Chalk pouches, including a rather nice leather chalk pouch available in brown or white are also listed on the accessories page.
Cue Tip Maintenance
Maintaining and perfecting your cue tip will make a big difference to your game. Each player has their own preferences and so getting it right is really important. And, when you have had your own cue made by Coutts Cue’s very own Dave, it seems silly to miss this opportunity!

Coutts Cues offers a range of accessories to help you maintain your cue from tips shapers to tip clamps to secure new tips while the glue dries. Tip picks are also available to buff up those tips. A tip protector is also very useful for tips that aren’t currently in use.
Ball Accessories
Snooker accessories aren’t just about the care of the cue and tips; the balls themselves should also be looked after. Coutts Cues offers ball cleaner, a Peradon ball marker and referee gloves to ensure that the balls remain in tip-top condition.