Snooker Triangles Lincoln

Snooker Triangles Lincoln

Accessories are an important part of the games played when it comes to snooker or pool. Having the right equipment and tools is important to ensuring players execute the best moves when playing the table. Here at Coutts Cues, we produce a range of accessories to help you perform to the best of your ability, whether it’s for fun or in a professional capacity.

Coutts Cues has been around since 1999, and we’re proud to say we’re a family-run business. Each handmade cue is lovingly crafted, and made with the customer in mind. They’re made to order and that’s what makes them an extra special feature to have in any collection. As well as the cues, we have a great selection of accessories that we sell alongside these cues. These include snooker and pool cue cases, as well as chalk and oil to help maintain the cue’s appearance and effectiveness when playing. And whether you’re looking for some new pool balls or snooker triangles, Lincoln is where you’ll find us.

As well as replacement balls and sets, we also have markers that can help lay out the positions on the table. We also provide cases for those who may referee at games, and all these accessories are well-sourced in terms of their manufacturing and quality. It’s good to make sure you have the very best in snooker triangles that are made correctly and don’t scratch the pool or snooker tables. When it comes to our cases, we have a selection of single cue cases or ones that will fit three to four pieces. These are an essential accessory to have when you’re on the go to keep it safe from damage. When you’re travelling in horrid weather conditions or packing it loosely in transport, there’s every risk that something could go wrong. When you pay for a high-quality cue, you want to make sure that it at least lasts you for a while and getting a case for it can help guarantee that.

As we’re a family business and our cues are handmade to order, it does mean we’re very busy. When coming in to see us or to discuss your needs, it’s always best to arrange a visit or an appointment. Whether we do this in-store, over the phone or by email, we’re committed to making sure we create your vision of the perfect cue stick. It’s passion and love that gets put into each and every cue, and we’re driven to always keep our customers satisfied. So no matter what you’re after, it’s worth getting in touch to start the ball rolling. You can drop us a call on 01522 883083 or if you prefer to send over an email on It’s worth taking a look at our catalogue but also at the many cues that Dave has made over time. This might help inspire or give you ideas on what you’d like us to achieve when it comes to making the perfect cue for you.